New Force Joins! PCI Signs Agreement with Smart Monkeys to Become Exclusive Agent of ISAAC in Greater China
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Recently, PCI signed a formal contract with Smart Monkeys to become the exclusive agent of ISAAC products in Greater China. In the future, both parties will build smart audio-visual management solutions for the future based on their unique advantages, providing a new experience of easy and convenient control.


Smart Monkeys is an innovative technology company dedicated to the deep development of audio-visual management systems. They have participated in the design and construction of audio-visual management systems for many internationally renowned large-scale entertainment projects, including Las Vegas Sphere, Illuminarium, etc. ISAAC, developed by Smart Monkeys, is a system management platform that integrates audio, video, media, and control. In fields such as performance entertainment, virtual reality, hotels, theme parks, exhibitions, and displays, Smart Monkeys' technology has been widely applied and highly recognized by global users.


PCI is a comprehensive solution provider that has been focusing on the audio-visual field for more than 30 years, with a nationwide sales network and customers from various industries. Since its establishment, PCI has always maintained close cooperation with many international brands, becoming a well-known comprehensive solution provider in the industry. PCI has maintained a healthy and stable development for several consecutive years and has rich project experience in fields such as enterprise, cultural tourism, conferences, cinema, hotels, transportation hubs, and entertainment. The cooperation with Smart Monkeys will further strengthen the development and innovation of PCI's solutions in various fields, and PCI will fully utilize its advantages in channels, markets, and operations, combining Smart Monkeys' advanced audio-visual management technology, to present smart audio-visual management solutions to customers in various industries.


For this collaboration, Stephan Villet, CEO of Smart Monkeys, said, "We are very pleased to start this cooperation with PCI. PCI's rich experience and deep foundation in the Chinese market give us full confidence in this cooperation. This cooperation aligns with our development strategy, expanding our global influence while bringing our advanced audio-visual management solutions to enterprises and users in the Chinese region."


Jason Huang, General Manager of PCI, also said, "This cooperation with Smart Monkeys is of great significance to us. We believe that by combining our extensive experience and Smart Monkeys' advanced technology, we can bring more innovative audio-visual overall solutions to a wider range of users. This cooperation will help accelerate both parties' technological innovation in their respective fields and jointly promote industry development."


In the context of constantly intelligent and digital audio-visual technology, PCI and Smart Monkeys will uphold the concept of "win-win cooperation" based on customer needs, open innovation, and flexible application, jointly exploring a broader value space and winning a bright future together.


About Smart Monkeys


Smart Monkeys is a company focused on the development of audio-visual management systems, participating in the construction of many internationally renowned entertainment projects. The ISAAC platform is a modular system platform developed by Smart Monkeys for audio-visual and media management. ISAAC allows you to monitor and manage the audio-visual system anytime, anywhere through a web browser. ISAAC Workspace is the control background of the ISAAC platform, providing users with a unified user control interface, greatly reducing the complexity of client interface development and fully meeting users' customization needs.


About PCI


PCI was established in 1999 and has several subsidiaries, including Shanghai PCI Audio-Visual Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Oriental PCI Film Technology Co., Ltd., with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and other places. The business covers product sales, technical services, and cultural creativity, and has extensive industry and technical experience in fields such as conferences, hotels, cinema, theme parks, theaters, transportation hubs, entertainment, cinemas, exhibitions, and immersive visual experiences. As agents of many world-class brands such as Q-SYS, Disguise, Dolby, BARCO, Scala, Sennheiser, Tencent Conference, etc., PCI has participated in the construction of major projects including the Beijing Olympics, Beijing's Sub-Central Business District, the Hangzhou G20 Summit, Beijing Universal Studios, Beijing Daxing International Airport, and serves many well-known enterprises, government agencies, high-end hotels, and cinemas. PCI also has its own intellectual property products and solutions like Control Max and Matrix Max to meet various user scenarios. Committed to becoming an AV company that understands IT better, providing customers with innovative experiences is PCI's constant pursuit.