Holoplot announces Chinese distribution partnership with Prime Connections International
发布时间:2024.04.22 浏览次数:118


Holoplot has appointed Prime Connections International (PCI) as its official distributor for China, Hong Kong and Macau.

This is part of Holoplot’s efforts to bring its Matrix Array systems to the Asian audio market.

PCI will introduce Holoplot’s sound control and spatial audio technology to cater to the growing demand for advanced audio solutions for presentations, panel discussions, and live performances — across both temporary and fixed applications.

Prospective and existing PCI Group clients will also be able to experience Holoplot technology at the PCI Group headquarters in Beijing.

Jason Huang, PCI Group’s general manager, commented: “As a Holoplot distributor, we can provide customers with transformative audio experiences that set them apart from the crowd. Holoplot’s unique approach allows for unprecedented control over the direction and focus of sound resulting in exceptional audio quality and an increased level of audience engagement for clients across a broad variety of applications.”

Ryan Penny, Holoplot head of sales, concluded: “The team at PCI Group are incredibly professional and experienced and are market leaders in the speech, experiential and live markets. They are working extremely hard to meet the growing demands of Chinese audiences, who have a reputation as advanced technology adopters. We are excited to see Holoplot expand in this market together with such a reputable and ambitious company.”